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            Low level laser therapy

  1.     Increases the speed, quality, and strength of tissue repair

  2.     Resolves inflammation

  3.     Increases range of motion

  4.     Gives pain relief

           Laser Therapy can improve these issues and more:

  1.     Tendonitis

  2.     Bursitis

  3.     Fractures

  4.     Pre & post-operative surgeries

  5.     Wounds

  6.     Sprains & strains

  7.     Scar tissue

  8.     Auto-immune diseases

  9.     Chronic or acute pain

  10.     Arthritis

  11.     Carpal tunnel syndrome

Low Level Laser Therapy

The non-invasive way to

get relief from soft tissue injuries, chronic pain, inflammation, and faster wound healing.

What Cold or Low Level Laser Therapy Can Do For You

Cathy Griffin
Low Level Laser Therapist


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